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  • Mapping Bristol City Soundscapes

    Inside Bristol City Soundscapes Queen’s Square  A-B Stereo Sound Field Oktava MK012 Matched Pair 19.05.21 at 1530 | 15 °C | Wind Speed 28-37kmph, Moderate Gale | Mostly Sunny City Center (Anchor Road) A-B Stereo Sound Field Oktava MK012 Matched Pair 19.05.21 at 1600 | 14°C | Wind Speed 12-28kmph, Strong Breeze | Mostly Sunny…

  • What is a Soundscape?

    Welcome to this series of blog posts that aim to provide a general background with regard to soundscape design, terminologies, methodologies, analyses and so on, all in relation to Building Instruments. In short, this blog aims to: Introduce the concept of soundscape within urban design Highlight the difference between sound and noise Provide examples of…

  • Barker’s plate reverb

    A bit of plate reverb inspiration from Barker. We’ve been referring to the well documented build instructions.  

  • Touchstone

    touchstone by Jordan Lacey

  • Sheet Metal

    Went on a trip to Portishead today to pick up an 8′ x 4′ sheet of 0.9mm sheet steel to start working on prototypes. Already some amazing sounds coming out of it from just loading it into the van!

  • Brigstow Funding

    We are pleased to announce that Building Instruments has been awarded Brigstow Institute Seedcorn funding.