Soundscape Mindful Map: Spike Island.

What it is all about: Interviewing people around spike island for? on what? method – in-situ audio interview recordings, deep listening session, open ended questions, positive/negative review. Sample size justification – obstacle/limitation and future opportunities?

keywords: spike island, soundscape, sound walk, sound intervention through sound installation, hidden Bristol fest.


These are what they think and feels about the sounds around them (google map spike island pin point)

underfall yard to marina area…

  1. interview 1 “statement…. calm etc..” Szabina.
    • map point google maps+ soundscape deep listening recordings (playback) Ainol.

Sounds & sources: Birds on balconies, seabirds, cars, wind, road traffic

Emotions, moods, quotes: ‘Considering we are in the centre of the city, we’ve got big roads on both sides, it’s like a nice little oasis here. There is a lot of plants, trees, flowers, lots of wildlife, birds on the balcony… Doesn’t get busy with people either.’




Sounds & sources: Masts, sails flapping, builders banging, knocking, paper with the wind whacking away, loud gulls, people brunching, conversations, wind, air, footsteps

Emotions, moods, quotes: ‘Quite beautiful and very relaxing. There is a security about the constant sound… that I’m connecting with the rest of the world. Not thinking about all the issues of the world at large at the moment. That’s why I came to the harbour.’



Sounds & sources: Sound of water, boats chinking, construction traffic, people talking, paddleboats, canoes, birds

Emotions, moods, quotes: ‘Very vibrant, people having a very nice time on a beautiful day in Bristol. It feels like it’s very much a working area, as opposed to the lot of other quaysides.’




Sounds & sources: Birds chirping, wind on the water, waves lapping, seagulls squawking, traffic on the road, children playing

Emotions, moods, quotes: ‘I heard children playing that made me feel happy, the waves lapping… very calming, I then heard a seagull squawking and that got my back up… seagulls here try to steal food!’




Sounds & sources: Road traffic noise, ticking of masts, bicycle, breath of wind, silence, lorries

Emotions, moods, quotes: ‘Everything really is very very quiet here, just peaceful, there’s a breath of wind… I can just hear the traffic, lorries going up on that road… I can’t say anything negative about it, I like this sort of quiet… I didn’t even notice the birds.’



M-shed to ss great britain area…


Sounds & sources: Metal work, conversations, cars, wind, seagull, people

Emotions, moods, quotes: ‘A very lively, bustling sounding atmosphere. It was quite nice to have the sound of conversations but also the sounds of the working harbour, metal clanking… There wasn’t a moment of silence there.’




Sounds & sources: Creaking of the boat, noise of car engine, humming generator, sound of wood and rope, children, seagulls, people, chatter

Emotions, moods, quotes: ‘My favourite sound was the creaking of the mast of the boat, which was really distinctive, the sound of wood and rope I don’t think I ever heard the sound of a creaking mast… it’s quite an unusual sound… And the sound of the seagulls, it reminds me of the beach!’




Sounds & sources:Cars, footsteps, people talking, seagulls, water, high-heels, laughing, chatter, crunching on the ground, wind, music from the boats

Emotions, moods, quotes: ‘Pretty relaxed atmosphere… Felt like you’re surrounded by people but also on your own. Not like the very centre of a bustle-y city… Even though the birds are loud but it’s comforting to hear.’





Sounds & sources: People walking, running, someone drilling, children’s voices, seagulls, wind blowing around, quite talking, pushchairs, talking, boats,

Emotions, moods, quotes: ‘Very peaceful, very peaceful. This unpleasant drilling is a one-off thing, it doesn’t bother me, you accept that things gotta get done… The sound of the harbourside is one of people talking, children laughing and perhaps a boat on the river.’




Sounds & sources: Hum of traffic, boats, machine, pigeons, people walking, talking, seagulls, motorbike passing, wind in the trees, foreign languages,

Emotions, moods, quotes: ‘Busy, not so relaxing, except when the wind was in the trees, that was more relaxing… and I like to hear the foreign languages. I always like that in a city.’




Sounds & sources: Boats moving against the quayside, passengers getting onto the boat, chatter, seagulls, people counting clicker, boats passing by, water

Emotions, moods, quotes: ‘Pretty peaceful but slightly chaotic. Peaceful birds sounds, boat lapping up against the side…. Then people getting onto the boat, chatting…I don’t know if that’s negative but it’s disrupting…’