Defence Against the Jungle Vibe

When we started work on building instruments, I was working at the University of Bristol on levitation technologies. Towards the end of the project, I had moved to Bali, Indonesia to work on a plastic recycling project. This led to some unexpected challenges when recording the narration for the Bristol sound-walks.

There was a 7-hour time difference between Bali and Bristol so most of the recordings were made at night so I could work with the team in Bristol. The Balinese countryside is punctuated with jungle which comes alive with  grasshoppers, geckos cicadas, roosters from a nearby farm and countless other jungle creatures.

The nighttime soundscape of my home in Petulu

In Bristol the voices of the astray jungle creatures would have sounded distinctly out of place. Despite my fondness of them I was very excited to build a mattress fortress in defence against the jungle vibe. This is me recording the narration so the audio tour where I spend the best part of 8 hours recording.

Mattress Fortress in Defence against the jungle vibe