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  • Playing Ambient Sounds

    Aeolis: A Virtual Instrument Producing Pitched Tones With Soundscape Timbres Ambient sounds such as breaking waves or rustling leaves are sometimes used in music recording, composition and performance. However, as these sounds lack a precise pitch, they can not be used melodically. This work describes Aeolis, a virtual instrument producing pitched tones from a real-time…

  • Jamming with the Golden Gate Hum

    ‘Largest wind instrument’: LA musician records duet with Golden Gate’s eerie hum. Article in the Guardian.

  • How will Cities Sound in the Future?

    We met Peter whilst doing a Hush City soundscape mapping/tour around St Mary Redcliffe. Read his article on the future of city soundscape here: How Will Cities Sound in the Future? by Professor Peter Madden Photo: Lachlan Ross

  • Ima-Abasi Okon

    The original inspiration for the Building Instruments projects came from the vision of air-conditioning fans playing music, so we were pleased to see Ima-Abasi Okon‘s work being shown at the Tate which does just this! From the Tate website: Eleven industrial air conditioners are placed along the walls of the gallery. Directed towards the space…

  • Mindful Soundscapes

    A ‘mindful soundscapes’ activity from the Turner Contemporary. Follow the exercise here: mindful soundscapes How much can you notice when you really pay attention to your senses? Practice mindful listening in this guided exercise,  and translate what you hear into a visual soundscape! You will need: A comfortable seat, a pen or pencil, and your…

  • ‘Isle of Sound’ by Emily Peasgood

    ‘Isle of Sound’ by Emily Peasgood creates new soundscapes for Thanet’s railway stations using a community driven method of gathering sounds. More info from the Turner Contemporary website: Isle of Sound is the first artwork created for the new Creative Isle Community Rail Partnership, a new initiative by Turner Contemporary in collaboration with Thanet District Council…

  • Hildegard Westerkamp

    Inspiration from Hildegard Westerkamp – Kits Beach Soundwalk (1989) for sound walk narration.

  • Ringing Rocks

    A quick inspiration video spotted by Jameson. Ringing rocks in Pennsylvania. And a further video on playing ancient rock gongs.      

  • Mapping Bristol City Soundscapes

    Inside Bristol City Soundscapes Queen’s Square  A-B Stereo Sound Field Oktava MK012 Matched Pair 19.05.21 at 1530 | 15 °C | Wind Speed 28-37kmph, Moderate Gale | Mostly Sunny City Center (Anchor Road) A-B Stereo Sound Field Oktava MK012 Matched Pair 19.05.21 at 1600 | 14°C | Wind Speed 12-28kmph, Strong Breeze | Mostly Sunny…

  • Barker’s plate reverb

    A bit of plate reverb inspiration from Barker. We’ve been referring to the well documented build instructions.